The Winery

an organic farm with a high regard to the environment

The winery is situated beside the vineyard ensuring that the grapes do not travel more than a few metres for vinification, aging and bottling. This reduces their exposure to weather and transport conditions. At the winery the grapes undergo fermentation in steel containers. We use 8 steel containers of varying sizes, which have the capacity to make up to 120 hectolitres of wine in any one season. Half of the steel containers are individually temperature controlled; however the entire winery is air-conditioned.
For the aging process the wine is transferred into oak barrels of French origin. The barrels have a capacity of up to 103 hectolitres and are kept in a temperature-controlled environment. Furthermore, the winery is located underground and below the swimming pool. This helps maintain the temperature and reduce energy costs, thus minimizing our carbon footprint.
As an organic farm with a high regard to the environment, this is of utmost importance to us.

The winemaking process is done entirely on location

Our winemaking process is done entirely on location, from picking the grapes to the bottling. The vinification/fermentation takes places in large steel containers. We do not use any yeast or other additives, instead allowing nature to take its course of primary and secondary fermentation.
Due to this, the process lasts from around October or the end of harvesting until December. The wine is then transferred into French oak barrels for aging, in accordance with Vino Nobile regulations. The wine is carefully aged for up to two years in the barrels.
The oenologist carefully controls the aging process at regular intervals and determines when the wine is ready for bottling. The wine is estate-bottled and labelled and therefore takes places in our winery itself. After further aging in the bottles for at least six months, our products are ready for sale and consumption.


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