The Winery

Where we produce high quality organic and natural wines

Our winery is situated next to our vineyards, ensuring that the grapes do not travel more than a few metres for vinification, ageing and bottling. This reduces their exposure to weather and transport conditions.We use temperature controlled steel containers for fermentation. Indigenous or natural yeast is used for fermentation. A long maceration process is deployed to ensure the wine develops optimum tannins, colour and a complex structure.

The Winery

The winemaking process is done entirely on location

After fermentation and clarification wine is then transferred for ageing into large Oak barrels of 20 to 35 hectolitres. For some of our wines - Riserva and Super Tuscans we also use barriques of 225 litres. Depending on our wine, ageing in Oak varies from 12 months to 36 months. All our barrels and barriques are kept in a temperature-controlled environment. Furthermore, the winery is located underground and below the swimming pool. This helps maintain the temperature and reduce our energy consumption, thus reducing our carbon footprint. As an organic farm with a high regard to the environment, this is of utmost importance to us. The entire winemaking and bottling process is done on location - only wine in bottles leaves our estate. We do not buy grapes or wine from anyone - for quality reasons. After ageing in Oak we perform various tests to establish that the wine is ready for bottling. Wine is further refined in the bottle from 6 months to over 2 years to ensure it is ready for drinking.
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